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Unite and Take Over

The Origin of SpazDog Press

The origin of SpazDog Press began about a month before Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2009.  My daughter wanted to create a comic book for FCBD.  I knew that it would be difficult to do without some structure, so I offered to write a short script for her (7 pages plus a cover) that could be printed on two double-sided pieces of copier paper, folded in half and stapled in the middle.  I wrote a script from my daughter (The Adventures of Spazzy the Super Dog) and my son (Annoying Cactus Boy) within a few days, but they lost interest.  I decided to try to write a whole comic.  I'm no Brian Michael Bendis, so I decided to stick with the 7 page plus a cover format.  If you take a three act story and divide it up, each part of a 22 page standard comic would be about 7 pages.  Not only that, but it's easier to convince an artist to draw 8 pages at a time, then it is to commit to 22 pages. I wrote my first arc of three mini comics and showed that and the scripts I made for the kids to some artists I know.  A few of them like the writing, but didn't want to draw Annoying Cactus Boy.  I told them if they want me to write something else, then all they had to do was let me know what they wanted me to write.  Ernie was the first one to come to me with an idea.  We talked about it in mid-November and on December 30th SpazDog Comics #1: Old Man Clem Part 1 debuted at Indy Comic Book Week. 

The Creators

Shawn Demumbrum (Publisher, Writer)

Shawn is the co-owner and manager of SpazDog Comics.  Always a fan and supporter of independent comics and local artists, he decided to combine those two interests to form SpazDog Press.

Matt Goodall (Artist)

Being a brand new home owner and father to a newborn wasn't enough to Matt, so he decided to complicate things further by signing up to create and draw his own comic book about parenthood.  Sonic Youth is about parents who find out their child's annoying screams aren't just annoying, they can be destructive.

Jacques La Grange (Artist)

Jacques has a background in video production, but 7 years ago he got the idea for a story about a Native American Indian set in a post-apocalyptic future and his quest to find a new tribe.  He has been working these last years to learn to draw and create comics so that he could make that story a comic book. 

Ernie Najara (Artist)

Ernie created the basic premise and backstory of Old Man Clem.  Ernie and Derrick had created their own comic, The Stream, in 1999 for the San Diego Comicon. Ernie provided the pencils and some of the inks for the Old Man Clem Part 1.  His other artwork can be seen at http://hellishsinestro.deviantart.com

Derrick West (Artist)

Derrick is the artist and co-creator of SpazDog Press' latest comic book The Purge.  Derrick's most recent published work can be found in the Torn Studio's Twist in the Night horror anthology (http://www.torncomics.com). His deviantart page is http://dadicus.deviantart.com

The Stories

Old Man Clem

The Government created a perfect fighting soldier for the Vietnam Era.  When he returned from the war, he didn't receive the hero's welcome that other genetically enhanced heroes before him had.  The country that he loved and fought for didn't love him the same way.  So Clem faded into the woodwork until a bank robbery re-ignites a fire within him to take action.

The Purge

The world's greatest supervillain walks into a bar full of other supervillains and orders an Appletini and comedy ensues.  That's how this comic starts.

Shadow Wolf

A Native American Indian named Shadow Wolf wakes up to find himself in a post-Apocalyptic future where Dark Walkers patrol the land.  People's identities and individuality are erased.  Shadow Wolf must rediscover his past and form a new tribe if he is to survive his new reality.

Sonic Youth

Raising a newborn can be a challenge.  What happens when you find out when you find out that newborn has a special power a sonic scream?   And we all know how often babies do that.  SpazDog Press' superhero comedy features a humorous look at parenthood and the suburban lifestyle.