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Thank you for visiting SpazDog Press.  As a retailer, I saw a real need that wasn't being met.  I knew very talented artists who drew pin-ups and cover-type art, but didn't have anyone pushing them to create sequential art.  I knew in talking to publishers and editors that the only way to succeed in comic book industry was to prove your ability to tell a story through sequential art.  I've teamed up with local artists to bring their ideas and characters to life and help motivate them to build the kind of portfolio that will get them noticed by comic book publishers.  We are breaking the stories up into 7 page plus a cover mini comics printed in black and white to cut down on printing costs.  Once a story arc is completed, we will be working with a colorist to publish color collection versions of the stories.  SpazDog Press is distributed exclusively through comic book stores and the comic book conventions that we attend.  If your local comic book store does not stock our products, send us the name and address of the store and we will send them copies.

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